This awarding ceremony is specially organized to admire and identify the best skillful undergraduates who have actively participated in the extracurricular activities to enhance their soft skills. This event will be encouraged the students to develop their soft skills and be a capable person who can cope with the co-operate sector. Considering all the extracurricular activities in the university we decided to offer following awards. All the applicants were judged by a panel including five members from the private sector.

Suggested Annual Awards

Considering all the activities conducted by the Career Skills Development Society has decided to present these awards to highlight four categories.

Best Team Player
Through this award we hope to encourage the members to involve in team work activities and develop their teamwork skills, communication skills, decision making skills, organizing skills and etc.

Best Presenter/Communicator
Communication skill is one of the most important soft skills which our graduates should develop. We hope to encourage our students do public speaking and presentations.

Best Team Leader
Becoming a leader is not an easy task. Best Team leader award will help our members to practice how to take leadership and become a fascinating leader.

Best Creative Person
Award for Best Creative person will be given to a person who has talents in decorations, photography, creative writing or graphic designing. This award will encourage our members to identify their potential skills.

Best Innovator
This award will be given to someone who has done new innovations, successful researchers or someone who has got new ideas which can change the world. This award will uplift their career.

Selection criteria
Recently passed out Graduates and under graduates can apply for above awards. Applicants should bring Cvs and their portfolio to the interview panel. Interview panel will be consisted with sponsors and the academic staff of Career Guidance Unit.

Upcoming Employability Award Event

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