Donate Happiness project is conducted to help the children who are suffering from cancers in the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. This program is organized  annually at this hospital, providing every child a valuable gift including a piece of soap, a milk packet, eue de cologne, etc. Meanwhile it is expected to develop the social responsibility skills among the members of the Career Skills Development Society.

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Donate Happiness | Apeksha Hospital Maharagama |CSDS

උතුම් සද්ධර්මය නම්, ලෝවාසී සත්ත්වයන්ගේ කායික හා මානසික ව්‍යාධීන් උදෙසා වන උසස්ම ඔසුවයි. එවන් වූ උත්තම දහම් නාදයෙන් රෝගී ගත සිත සුවපත් කරන්නට, Donate Happiness ව්‍යාපෘතියට සමගාමීව පැවැත්වෙන ☸️ සෙත් පිරිත් සජ්ඣායනය ☸️ හා  ජීවිත අරුණෝදය අඳුරු වුවද සිය නෙත් … Continued

“Donate Happiness” An annual CSR for helping Cancer kids | CSDS

In order to enhance caring and sensitivity among undergraduates about people who need specific help, the career skills development society of the Career guidance unit annually organizes a “Donate Happiness” special CSR  program for the patients at the children’s ward, Apeksha … Continued