Career Guidance Unit helps undergraduates to develop their skills and abilities of self-assessment information seeking and decision making required for coping with the needs of complex of world of work & to develop life long learning ambitions. Success in career guidance depends on providing upto date information on training & employment oppotunities and having a good knowledge of available opportunities in the local and international training market.

Mr Charles Fernando, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Public Administration was the first Director of the career Guidance unit till 31.12.2006. He worked with dedication and as a result has improved to the present state. Senior Lecturer of Department of Sociology and Anthropology Dr. Janak Kunarasinghe is the new Director.

This Unit which is framed on long standing and meaningful objectives and practical experience is today the leading Career Guidance Unit in the University system.


Why a separate unit for “Career Guidance”?

Any individual who has applied for a job vacancy would have realized that “working experience” is a focal point of interest eagerly sought for by almost every employee. Working experience entails a spectrum of soft skills and practical knowledge that one would generally not acquire by completing a mere degree which would develop their subject mastery. This therefore provides the reasoning behind the establishment of a separate unit for “Career Guidance”.

The Career Guidance Unit therefore focuses on enhancing and evaluating the “employability skills” of individuals who are yet to enter the world of commerce and politics. It provides a platform for all undergraduates to fill the gap between their acquired knowledge over the years of static learning, and equips them to transfer their skills along with this knowledge to a more practical world governed by a dynamic and challenging atmosphere.


To be a Service Center of Quality and excellence, while also being a role-model for the Sri Lanka University System, supporting the university in its objective of helping produce capable, employable and satisfied graduates and potential leaders empowered to contribute positively to their own well-being, to the economy within the context of an ever-changing macro environment.



  • To provide a service in Career Education, Career Guidance & Career Management.
  • Accessible to undergraduates & recent graduates of the university offering them and/or guiding them to a variety of resources including people, data, information and activities & programs to support them in their efforts to plan their future career & put those plans into effect.
  • To support the students for employability skills development.
  • To help the graduating students in their job search & career projects as well as prospective employers through recruitment related services.
  • To be a partner for undergraduate for preparing their life and work.