Ordinary Level (O/L) 13 Years Education
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13 Years guaranteed Education – Subject Contents and Tutorials Education for All (Even without O/L you can do AL)

Program for Guaranteed Thirteen Years of Education to provide Education for All Introduction and Background

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  • Objectives:
  • Provide opportunities to All children to enroll to vocational stream after the GCE O/L including those children who will not achieve higher academic performance at GCE O/L.
  • Provide flexible learning opportunities to meet the needs of all children after the GCE O/L and enable the participation in the higher or further learning process and/or to join the world of work.
  • Introduce vocational subjects with highly demand job opportunities at national and international levels.

13 Years guaranteed Education – Subjects

1. Child Psychology and Care

2. Health and Social Care

3. Physical Education and Sports

4. Performing Arts

5. Event Management

6. Arts and Crafts

7. Interior Designing

8. Fashion Designing

9. Graphic Designing

10. Art and Designing

11. Landscaping

12. Applied Horticultural Studies

13. Livestock Product Studies

14. Food Processing Studies

15. Aquatic Resource Studies

16. Plantation Product Studies

17. Construction Studies

18. Automobile Studies

19. Electrical and Electronic Studies

20. Textile and Apparel Studies

21. Metal Fabrication Studies

22. Aluminum Fabrication Studies

23. Software Development

24. Web Designing

25. Tourism and Hospitality

26. Environmental Studies