MindXtra’21 Competition

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Leo Club of the University of  Moratuwa has taken an  initiative to launch, ‘MindXtra’ a competition to find innovative solutions to solve current issues of the country on account of achieving sustainable development goals. Our vision under this project is the sustainable development of the country through empowering youth. According to the proposed plan of the project, it will be conducted under three categories as,

1. Water Purification

2. Waste Upcycling

3. Human-Elephant Conflict

As the final step, we hope to implement the winning ideas to solve the prevailing issues. 

The project is being conducted under the guidance of Prof. Rangika Halwathura, and with the support of the academic staff and  students of University of Moratuwa,  we  hope  to  contribute  to  the  development  of  the  country  through innovation while achieving sustainable development goals.  We would like to request your support to share the registration guideline booklet, registration/proposal submission links and flyers of ‘MindXtra‘ to make aware the innovative  undergraduates  who  are  willing  to  participate  in  this  competition, which is going to be a basement for our country to achieve sustainable development  while  empowering  the  young  generation.  For more information, please refer to the project proposal of ‘MindXtra’ attached herewith

MINDXTRA ProjectProposal

MindXtra’21 Guidelines