Awarding Ceremony | JESA 2018

Awarding Ceremony of J’pura Employability Skills Awards – JESA 2018 organized by the Career Guidance Unit in collaboration with Career Skills Development Society, University of Sri Jayewardenepura was held on the 10th of August 2018 at Hotel Golden Rose, This awarding ceremony was the pinnacle of a process carried out by organizers with the more active partnerships with both Academic staff as well as corporate partners. 

“Some are born great,
Some achieve greatness, and
Some have greatness thrust upon them”

J’pura employability skills awards is the grandeur annual awarding ceremony organized by the Career Skills Development Society of Career Guidance Unit of University of Sri Jayewardenepura;with the aim of identifying and appreciating the young undergraduates with extraordinary employability skills.

JESA’18 raised her wings under the award categories of;

Best Leader Award
Best Team Player Award
Best Creative Designer Award
Best Innovator award
Best Communicator Award
Best Entrepreneur Award
Best Employability Skills achiever Award (for each faculty),

with over 180 applicants, with the participation of over 80 academic staff members and over 40 leading corporate giants of Sri Lanka.

JESA’18 was empowered by the series of workshops based on “Interview Facing and Branding Yourself”, “CV and Portfolio Writing” and “How to do an Industrial Recognized Innovative Research”. CV exhibition and CV clinic held on 26th July was a crystal clear prolific event for the applicants to literate on their own CVs with the fullest underpin of the corporate sector.

JESA’18 would have been a dream without the efforts of the resolute organizing committee with the advices and directions of Dr. T.S.M Amarasema- Director Career Guidance Unit, Mrs. Chathuranganie Thennakoon- Career advisor, Career Guidance Unit,and Mr. K.K. Chandika Jayapema being the chief organizer of this glamorous project set an ideal interpretation to a chief organizer with his team.

At last but not the least J’PURA FLAMES salute with honor for those who conquered the voyage of JESA”18 and for those who worked hand in hand to make JESA’18 a sparkilng milestone in the history of mother j’pura.

Article composed by: Lashan Gayantha


J’pura Employabilty Skills Awards 2018

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