“How to adapt for new normal work culture” Workshop | Touch the Peak 2022 | FHSC Episode | CSDS

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*How to adapt for new normal work culture*

Touch the Peak Annual Job Fair (online) FHSS & FAHS Episode 2022

In our lives, we have to face some kind of difficulties, when we work with different cultures.
So we want to recognize some prior criteria to handle such a situation.
Here’s a valuable opportunity to recognize and face such a situation. ️️

The keynote speaker of the session will be *Mr Akash Hettiarachchi* the General Manager – Human Resources, (Brandix Apparel solutions Lingerie)

Date :- 20th of May
Time :- @ 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Via zoom

Registration link*

Grab the chance & don’t miss this golden opportunity