What is JESA?

JESA or if we say it more specifically, J’pura Employability Skills Awards is the grandest stage for the celebration of achievements of young talents with 13 outstanding awards reserved for undergraduates of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and also this time 01 special award which is open for all the undergraduates even from other universities.

The JESA award ceremony, organized by the Career Skills Development Society of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura was first initiated in 2015 under the guidance of the Director of the Career Guidance unit at the time, Professor Mrs. Rohini Samarasinghe, and Career Advisor Mrs. Chathurangani Thennakoon.

This award ceremony has been well-known for its indulgence for the past eight consecutive years. And this year, it will be even more unique than ever as we expand the JESA legacy further by offering the opportunity to talented undergraduates of even other universities to compete for the Best Innovator Award.

Everyone participating will be competing head-to-head in several categories for the following titles.

• The best leader award

• Best team player award

• Best creative designer award

• Best communicator award

• Best Innovator award

• Best young entrepreneur award

• Best CSR award

• BESA awards

Best Leader Award – This will be awarded testing upon leadership qualities, way of handling different tasks, and most importantly on decision-making and leading the herd.

Best team player award – The ability of competitors to work in a team activity with dedication and team spirit will be tested here. When awarding the title, working along with team members and respecting each other is the critical factor considered here.

Best creative designer award – This award is presented to uplift the creativity of youth in the fields of graphic design, photography, and art.

Best communicator award – In this award, the principal point of consideration will be the ability of individuals to communicate upfront and develop connections effectively and

efficiently with the gathering showing the social skills, interpersonal skills along with career skills.

Best Innovator award – This award is specially dedicated to motivating young inventors and this year onwards it’s open to brilliant young innovators from other universities too. The ability of a competitor to do an invention successfully and implementation to fit the task is conferred as well.

Best young entrepreneur award – This was introduced in 2018 to admire self-motivated young undergraduates dedicated to building their enterprises. The award is entitled in encouraging them to exceed their limits and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Best CSR award – This award was introduced in 2019 to assess the societies, departments, and faculties that have applied, engaged in social activities, and maintained their social

responsibilities to the best.

BESA award (Best Employability Skills Achiever) – This award is dedicated to the most optimistic and brilliant all-rounded undergraduate from each faculty. (except for the faculty of graduate studies) The winner is excelled in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

Winners will be conferred with the title while the first and second runner-ups will be awarded medals. Sponsorships will be awarded by leading public and private sector companies that are well-reputed globally.

The applications will be called for the awards and after we finish collecting the applications, all the candidates have to go through a series

of interviews and JESA workshop series is also taken place alongside the participation of the past awardees and the purpose of conducting this workshop series is to provide an idea to all the candidates who wish to apply for the awards. Also, a cv clinic and a cv exhibition will be organized to support the candidates to prepare their CVs in the best way possible. The candidates will also be getting the opportunity to make their CVs from our designers for a reasonable price while experiencing the cv exhibition.

JESA, the grandest stage of recognition will add immense value to all the contestants at the end of the day, regardless they win or not as it will give them the courage to pursue their dreams with their skills and competencies.