Video/ Animation Contest on C0VID-19

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COVID-19 pandemic has affected Sri Lanka and has had a devastating impact on the health system. The  Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine (SLCIM) is the umbrella body consisting of general physicians providing medical care to patients all across Sri Lanka. In order to raise awareness of COVID 19, the Sri Lanka College Of Internal Medicine invites submissions of video/animation that express prevention of COVID or health promotion in general during COVID19. We kindly request you to circulate among the students/members and encourage participation.


1. Entries can be in: English/ Tamil/Sinhala

2, all school students and undergraduates are eligible

3. Entries can be submitted as a group (max 3members) or as an individual

4. Entries should be 3-8 min in length.

5. Entries will be judged in three categories

School students 10yrs-16yrs

School students 17yrs-21yrs

Above 21 years (undergraduates)

Categories 🙁 can submit under one or both of them as below)

A.Videos/animations on health messages to prevent covid 19

B.Videos/animations on health promotion in general during covid-19

Email entrees before     30th June 2021 E-mail:  or  Hand deliver/post cd to SLCIM (c/o postgraduate institute of medicine), no 85, Rodneystreet, Colombo 08 For more details please find attached the Flyer.