“Shadow of Success” Phase 8 | CSDS

“We know that you were impatient until the greatest personality of Shadow of Success Phase 8 was introduced!!! ✨

The wait is over now, and this is the good news you have been waiting for. 🔊

We are pleased to announce that our resource person will be Mr. Yupun Abeykoon, track and field athlete and a South Asian record holder in men’s 100 m, men’s 200 m, & men’s indoor 60 m and who is the Fastest Asian Man for 2022 in men’s 100 m discipline. Also, he holds the world ranking position 20, in men’s 100m.

This amazing soul is ready to share his success story with us♥

Date :   15th November 2022

Time : 5.00pm

Location :  Sumanaga hall, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.