INGRESS’22 – Adventure Club

INGESS’22 was held as the first program of the executive committee members of Sri Jayewardenepura University adventure club. One of the main objectives of this program is to develop a mutual relationship between the members who are divided into different faculties across the university. Here they get to know each other and encourage them for the future programs of the adventure club. It can be believed that by conducting this program for the EB, which is starting for the first time in the university, a fresh EB will be created that will provide more effective service. And this will help to work successfully in future activities by establishing good harmony and cooperation among each other. Conducted as a one-day leadership train capacity-building camp, it is expected to carry out various activities such as developing camaraderie, developing leadership skills, and getting used to facing challenges.

Resources are provided for this by persons with recognized professional qualifications and experience in the adventure field in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the necessary environment and elements for this one-day program have been prepared in a safer and more effective manner. Furthermore, the necessary activities to provide insurance for all the members of the EB are currently being carried out. For this, various programs and activities have been organized throughout the day and here they will be given appointment letters related to their positions and the annual plan of the club will also be created.