375th Gavel Educational Meeting – 6th February 2021

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

As the executive committee of 2021/2022 we took our first steps through a milestone meeting.

The 375th Gavel Educational Meeting was held fruitfully on the 6th February 2021 via zoom.

The gaveliers witnessed enlightening and enthusiastic round robin and table topic sessions accompanied by constructive evaluations.

We witnessed two CC speeches one CC1 from a fellow gavelier as well as an CC8, both of which brought immense insight and inspiration.

We also welcomed all new comers who took up the challenge to do their first table topics on their very first day.

We were amazed and proud after being a part of the improvements as well as the capabilities of our gaveliers and are in hope to see them grow into wonders in the future.

We bid goodbye till our next meeting.