“DHAARA” Award 2023 USJ’s largest singing inter-faculty competition for undergraduate students

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During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, university students had to move their learning to the online platform for several years. Due to that, they had limited opportunities to socialize, travel, work and enjoy together as teams. Further, most students faced difficulties in not having proper opportunities to showcase their multiple talents, etc. Therefore the pandemic brought novel stressors and most of the students coping with that problem. Recently universities have started their education physically and now students need a variety of activities to coop with these unexpected novel problems for their education and enjoy their academic life at university. Therefore, music is the best solution to be a common stress-coping strategy among young people, and providing opportunities for talent sharing also can help invigorate university communities. Further, many students can practice s skills by organizing such events and implementing a talent-based event to meet students’ needs.

 ‘ Dhaara” and Its’ Intention

“Dhaara” is a novel experiment by the Flair club of USJ which is run under the Career Guidance Unit for making the best platform for USJ talented undergraduates and recognizing their best talents making their best platform. Further, the such platform encourages undergraduates to enhance their inborn artistic talents with the proper guidance getting from professional artists in order to acquire the right skills for the industry while enhancing their personality.

Many of the students who are studying in the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering, Management Science, Technology, etc have brilliant artistic abilities. According to their subject discipline, they have no better platform to broom while mastering their subject discipline. So, Dhaara is specially organized to award and felicitate the best undergraduates who have the best voices in singing.

Thus, this amazing awarding ceremony paves the path to identify the undergraduates with hidden talents, from that unveil them into the world and encourages the undergraduates to be actively engaged in artistic activities in order to acquire the right skills and to be free of stressful personality

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